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  • Carleen Libert Memorial Garden Rt. 77 at Commissioners Road

    Today is the SADDEST of days I’ve suffered in a long time. It is like losing Carleen once again. How? Why? I am about to start the process of removing every flowering perennial I have planted, to create a memorial garden, on the island across from my house. My township’s mayor is hellbent on having […]

  • Why is Stella d’ Oro a Popular Daylily?

    This daylily is a popular addition to modern gardens for it’s compact size (12 to 18 inches)  and ease of care.  Plant in full sun for best performance.  In a few years it will be ready for dividing and brightening up other areas of your garden or for sharing with a friend.

  • Helpful Hints

    Make your own compost and lay it down as a mulch, about two inches deep. Wood mulch in the garden? No, but maybe a bit of liquorice root or cedar mulch on a highly trafficked footpath. Don’t prune anything in the Fall.  Pruning can cause the plant to start growing again, using up the plant’s, […]