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  • Why Wood Mulches Are BAD for Flower Gardens

    Dyed wood mulches may look pretty, if you value uniformity of appearance and don’t otherwise consider yourself as having a gardener’s “green thumb”, but the more you know about gardening the uglier wood mulch looks . . and the less you use it. Based upon decades of experience I can attest that the only place […]

  • Garden Killing Quackgrass Weed Finds Ally in War on Memorial Garden

    This is a picture of “quackgrass“. Carleen Libert and I did battle with quackgrass for years. I’ve seen what quackgrass can do to gardens. It kills them by competing for space and nutrients. It weaves its leaves directly into growing plant’s roots and leaf structures, strangling them and competing for sunlight. It is deadly to […]

  • A Brief Photo History of How I Grew A Garden Memorial to Carleen Libert

    Step 1: In the beginning there were ugly juniper bushes along the cement block wall. I pulled them out and replaced them with colorful shrubs.                   Step 2: Next, with the help of my neighbor Bill Ditzler and his amazing roto-tiller I began the expansion of the […]